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this is what I have in my camera bag
this is what I have in my camera bag

What's in the bag?


Main Camera
Canon EOS R6 Mark II

This camera is brilliant. It has incredible and accurate AF speed and together with some new features, such as RAW Burst, it is a versatile and an incredible fit for all situations. With a large full frame sensor, it allows me to create images with flawless detail and lovely smooth backgrounds - just the way I like it!

this is what I have in my camera bag
Secondary Camera
Canon EOS R6

This camera has been my introduction to mirrorless photography. The additional features and capabilities have allowed me to create images that I would have struggled to achieve before. Many people have asked why I have chosen R6 over R5 - the obvious price difference and its ability in low light, are the main reasons.

this is what I have in my camera bag


"Go to" Lens
Canon EF 300mm f2.8L IS USM Mark ii

As the name implies, my "go to" lens is my favourite lens and I hardly ever leave home without it. I owned the MK i for 15 years before I got this one and never had a day's issues with it. Brilliant at 2.8, I love the creamy backgrounds it produces together with incredible speed and reliability. Everyone should own this lens.

this is what I have in my camera bag
Telephoto Lens
Canon EF 500mm f4.0L IS USM Mark ii

I purchased this lens in 2023 after selling the MK i version. Great in particular for bird photography, the reach on this lens is really nice and can even be coupled with an extender for that little bit extra. I bought the MK ii version as the previous version is not supported by Canon's range of mirrorless cameras.

this is what I have in my camera bag
Zoom Lens
Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM Mark ii

I wanted to be able to create some wider wildlife images and so went for a well-priced used copy of this lens. It is really versatile and while the zoom range seems to be quite low, it forces me to think about photography in a slightly different way to what I would normally. As such, I sometimes only take this lens out ... else I find myself grabbing the 300 too easily!

this is what I have in my camera bag
Macro Lens
Canon EF Macro 100mm f/2.8

I don't often use this lens as I don't do too much Macro Photography and hence why I have had this lens for a really long time and not felt the need to update it. It is sharp and creates very good images but lacks IS which can make it a little frustrating at times.

this is what I have in my camera bag
Wide Lens
Canon RF 16mm F2.8 STM

A super-wide lens for incredible images of landscapes, astronomy and wildlife. This lens is a cheap option for those who want to have a ultra wide lens in the bag without spending too much money on it. I use this lens mostly for astro photography and for shots around the city, when I am experimenting.

this is what I have in my camera bag


Camera Bag
Gitzo Adventury 45L Camera Backpack

Recently purchased, this bag can carry everything. I wanted a bag that would take the 300 with an extender and with its hood on. This would save me from annoyingly having to screw the hood on and off all the time. It also has plenty of room for other lenses, is as tough as nails and even has an extension to the top of it that will allow me to pack boots or an extra jersey for thos long hikes.

this is what I have in my camera bag
Canon EF Extender 1.4x III

I only use the 1.4x converter as I have found that the 2.0x is really not worth it. It is too soft and too dark in my view, whereas having the 1.4x is not noticeable at all. Obviously gives me greater reach on my two prime lenses, taking the 300 to 420 and the 500 to a massive 700mm.

this is what I have in my camera bag
Leofoto Ranger LS-325C + LH-40

This tripod does everything that a tripod should but it is also light and extrmely sturdy. The build quality of the Leofoto range is extremely good and so these tripods offer exceptional value for money. The LH-40 ball head is smooth and well geared making operation effortless.

this is what I have in my camera bag
Action Camera
GOPRO HERO10 Black 4K Ultra HD

The GoPro Hero 10 speaks for itself. Its reputation as one of the best camcorders available on the market is well documented. I use it for videos of my trips and for behind-the-scene clips of my work. I also use it quite extensively for time-lapse videos.

this is what I have in my camera bag
DJI Mini 4 Pro

I have only recently purchased a drone and am still getting to terms with using it. I am also getting my head around all the restrictions that come with a drone but hope to use it more often in future.

this is what I have in my camera bag
Swarovski 10x42 EL WB Field Pro

One of the first quality optics I invested in, the Swarovski binoculars are indispensable and still get rave comments from people who try them out when compared to others. Using them everywhere I go, they often live in my car and travel everywhere with me. In Panama I was the only one with clear binoculars in the misty rainforests - everyone else's had misted up!

this is what I have in my camera bag
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