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learn wildlife photography as a complete beginner in the introductory photography course


There is no doubt that when I first started my photographic journey, almost 20 years ago now, I was frustrated with my first camera. I found it cumbersome, complicated, had too many features and I simply couldn’t capture what I saw through my viewfinder. Let me explain the technical aspects of your gear and get you comfortable in using it - so that you can focus, instead, on the art of wildlife photography.

Shooting in RAW

Why shoot in RAW?

White Balance and Colour Temperature 

What is white balance? The colour of light. Custom white balance. Auto white balance. White balance in mixed lighting conditions.

Exposure, Exposure Compensation and Exposure Bracketing

Understand how your camera's light meter sees the outside world. Understand exposure compensation.  Learn all your camera’s exposure modes, and under which conditions to use each one. Exposure bracketing.

Aperture and Shutter Speed

Aperture priority mode and when to use it. Shutter priority mode and when to use it. Understand depth-of-field.  Understanding speed of subjects and what shutter speed to choose. Similarities between priority modes. Using aperture and speed choices creatively.

ISO and Digital Noise

Types of digital noise. Auto ISO - pros and cons. When can noise be beneficial. Low light and noise. When you would want to change your ISO manually.

Metering Modes Explained

Types of metering modes - and when to use each. Differences between camera manufacturers. Matrix vs. centre-weighted vs. spot metering—and when to use each.  Meter and recompose? Auto-exposure lock.

Drive modes explained

Single shot mode. Continuous or burst mode. Using the Self-timer.


Practical tips for getting sharp photos. Autofocus zones. Modern face and eye-detection autofocus. Setting up Back Button focus and why it could change the way you take photos.

Basics of Camera Lenses

Wide angle lenses. Telephoto lenses. Zoom lenses. Prime lenses. Shooting wide open or stopping down.

4 Participants

In the field

Typically 3 Hours




Want to discuss your expectations a little more before booking, then please get in touch - why not join me for a virtual coffee? (via Zoom). Just drop me your details and what suits you and I will make contact.

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