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spend time in the field learning wildlife photography in the presence of actual wildlife


This workshop is focused on getting you to understand what it takes to be a wildlife photographer and in showing you some of the skills that you may need to refine and improve on. This "hands-on" workshop will teach you field craft, working with available light and photography techniques that form the building blocks of wildlife photography. Get in touch today!

All aspects of wildlife photography are covered, and we will spend a fair amount of time talking about the mental aspects of wildlife photography. The thought process of creating photos. Why do we take wildlife photos? What do we set out to create? Who do we want to show our photography to?

There is no better place to learn wildlife photography than in the great outdoors. If you love getting out in nature and want to take home images of all the fascinating wildlife that you encounter, then this is the workshop for you!

The technical aspects are also covered, and I will offer suggestions on composition, what setting to use and what to do with the available light. Maybe the most difficult part of wildlife photography is getting “the eye” for the shots, but we will discuss and attempt to develop this, ensuring you can make use of your newly acquired skills during any given situation in the future.

During this wildlife photography workshop, we will also focus on various aspects of fieldcraft - which can be the most enjoyable part of this activity. We discuss how to behave in the company of wildlife, how not to startle the wild and how to get into position for that perfect photo.

You (or you and a friend)

In the field

Full Day (typically 6 hours)

£180 / £250 (2 people)



Want to discuss your expectations a little more before booking, then please get in touch - why not join me for a virtual coffee? (via Zoom). Just drop me your details and what suits you and I will make contact.

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